Iguña Pharma is an engineering firm specialized in developing
engineering projects, and executing, certifying and maintaining Clean Rooms.

Also known as Classified Areas, they must be designed in accordance
with the strictest criteria of the GMP, ISO and FDA standards to ensure low
or null levels of contamination.

Classified Areas require establishing environmental parameters that are
strictly controlled in order to measure the particles per m3 of air, temperature,
humidity, air flow, internal air pressure, air renewals per hour and lighting.

The Sanitary Architecture system and
the Air-Conditioning Installations used
are fundamental for creating Clean Rooms:

The architecture

The architecture of the room is comprised of systems of smooth panels, doors,
and windows, with rounded corners so that the entire assembly prevents dust from building up and makes the area easy to clean. Iguña recommends the www.modularcleanpanel.com system, guaranteed and certified under the strictest Clean Room standards.

The air-conditioning systems

The air-conditioning systems for clean rooms are designed and configured based on the requirements of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and UNE-EN ISO 14644 standards, and are adapted to the activity being carried out inside the room. The system ensures that the air entering the laboratory is sterile by first filtering it to eliminate suspended particles and micro-organisms.


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