Project Description


Engineering Projects

Iguña offers engineering projects adapted to the needs, spaces and regulations of every client and industry. Our business is focused on Clean Rooms, specifically developing projects in Sanitary Architecture, Classified HVAC Installations, Regulation and Control, Electricity and Critical Fluids.
Clients can choose from the following services for their projects:

Comprehensive services

Conceptual Design
It provides an understanding of the economic, technical and legal viability of a potential investment, and is also used to draw up the User Requirements of a project with the client, establishing the bases and instructions for Basic and Detailed Engineering, as well as deadlines.

Basic Design
We develop the Basic Design based off the Viability Study, giving us an overall perspective of the project by preparing and centralizing all the information in 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) models.

Detailed Design
Basing off the Basic Engineering, we do the relevant calculations and quality validations to then be able to develop all the construction details of the Project. Once validated by the owner, they can then be executed.

Why Iguña

Understanding of and strict compliance with GMP directives.

Engineering development using 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) software.

Project Execution, Start-up and After-sales.

Design, Engineering, Execution, Start-up, Validation, and Maintenance.