Project Description


Electrical Installations

Iguña studies and develops electrical installations in accordance with the European Low Voltage Directive (EC) and the UNE-EN ISO 14644 standard for lighting, conducting the relevant lighting and consumption studies for sustainable and efficient energy use.

In order to design and position electrical installations, we evaluate the power required by the installation in order to develop both the general panel and control sub-panels, as well as the energy distribution to all the elements in the room.

Iguña will assign a specialized team to the client for the installation. They will manage the site and coordinate all project supervision with the owner.

Why Iguña

Application of the European Low Voltage Directive (CE) and UNE-EN ISO 14644 for lighting
We develop efficient installations to optimize the electrical consumption.
Expert team in all dimensions of the project.
Guarantee, cualification PQ/IQ/OQ/DQ and maintenance.