Project Description


Classified Installations

We design and install air-treatment systems in accordance with the GMP and UNE-EN ISO 14644 standards, establishing environmental parameters for the quantity of particles and temperature and humidity in the room depending on the specific standard.

To achieve the desired parameters, we do the necessary calculations for the installation to be able to integrally design and dimension the HVAC system. Systems can include air treatment units, temperature and humidity regulation equipment, a distribution network, filtering elements, etc.

Iguña will assign a specialized team to the client for the installation. They will manage the site and coordinate all project supervision with the owner.

To complete the installation, Iguña manufactures custom auxiliary equipment in-house under the Kirhtech brand, including Laminar Flow Cabinets, Cabins, Air Showers, RABS and Pass Boxes.

Why Iguña

We apply GMP guidelines and the regulations FDA CFR21 part 11 and UNE-EN ISO 14644.
The Kirhtech equipment allows us to provide the room with auxiliary and customized solutions.
Expert team in all dimensions of the project.
Guarantee, cualification PQ/IQ/OQ/DQ and maintenance.