Project Description


Critical Fluids

We design and install water systems in accordance with the GMP, Ph.Eur and USP standards, establishing an integral approach to the purification process based on the activity requiring the water.

We take purification requirements into account to create an integral and efficient design, and determine whether it is necessary to develop a Water for Injection (WFI) System, a Purified Water (PW/HPW) System or a Pure Vapor System.

When it is time to customize the installation, Iguña will define the location of the storage systems and distribution lines, and establish the flow control and filtration stages.

Iguña will assign a specialized team to the client in the execution phase. They will manage the site and coordinate all project supervision with the owner.

Why Iguña

Application of international regulatory guidelines GMP, Ph.Eur and USP.
System developed according to user requirements and purification WFI, PW, HPW or Pure Vapor.
Expert team in all dimensions of the project.
Guarantee, cualification PQ/IQ/OQ/DQ and maintenance.