Project Description


Pharmaceutical Construction

We design and execute the Pharmaceutical Construction of rooms in compliance with the strictest requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 14644 and GMP standards.

We develop, innovate and manufacture our own materials under the brand Modular Clean Panel (MCP). This gives us strong know-how in project execution, and by having several solutions we can offer the system that best adapts to user needs.

To execute projects, Iguña assigns a specialized team, offering flexibility of deadlines and deep knowledge of the science being applied.

And the integrated modular MCP system—comprised of panels, doors, windows, lights, protections, pass boxes and profiles—enables us to optimize assembly time and construction costs as a result.

Why Iguña

We apply GMP guidelines installing flated and curved finishes to ensure sanitation.

BIM modulated design and customized MCP manufacturing to optimize assembly times and cost

Expert team in all dimensions of the Project.
Guarantee, validation and maintenance