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New custom SAS machine for the pharmaceutical sector.

Kirhtech, a benchmark in clean room equipment, we just delivered a newmachine SAS developed to measure for a client of pharmaceutical sector. It’s about a dynamic and autonomous material gating with two cameras , both equipped with a UVC decontamination system and with a flow and air pressure control Independent.


SAS prototype for VH2O2 decontamination cycles

Yesterday and today we have been conducting tests from VH2O2 decontamination cycles with our partner Netsteril, SL for an important multinational client in the pharmaceutical sector. We have carried out these tests with a prototype from SAS from VH2O2 which simulates the conditions of the final equipment and our objective


Kirhtech: equipment for clean rooms and classified areas

Iguña Pharma, experts in clean rooms, puts at your disposal through the brand Kirhtech, his knowledge to design and manufacture custom equipment for clean rooms and classified areas: technological auxiliary equipment for protection, containment and process, such as Cabins, Laminar Flows, Isolators, SAS and Filling Machinery. We have an R&D