We do preventive and corrective maintenance in order to extend the useful life of clean rooms and enable the area to continue to comply with the required GMP, ISO and FDA standards.

Iguña offers this service both as an after-sales service for rooms it has installed, and to make improvements on classified areas installed by third parties.

– We agree with the owner on the frequency and elements of Architecture, Air-Conditioning, Electricity, Lighting, Regulation and Control, and Critical Fluids to be reviewed, as well as the consumables to be replaced.

– We include all the information to be reviewed in a Maintenance Dossier.

– Once each intervention has been completed, we deliver a report with the status of the installations and recommendations for any anomalies that were detected.

– The rigor of the documentation delivered by Iguña makes it suitable to be presented in both internal and external audits of the status of installations.

– We know how serious it is to stop the activity of a Clean Room, which is why, in the event of a malfunction, we are committed to responding to service requests within the first 24 hours.