Pharmaceutical construction

Pharmaceutical construction and assembly of clean rooms


We design and execute the pharmaceutical construction of clean rooms complying with the strictest requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 14644 standard and the GMP’s.

With the brand Modular Clean Panel (MCP) , we develop, innovate and manufacture our own materials. This endows us with high knowledge in carrying out projects, since, with several solutions, we will be able to offer the system that best suits the user’s needs.

When carrying out the execution, Iguña will make available a team specialized in the construction of rooms, in such a way that it offers both flexibility in terms of deadlines, as well as a high knowledge of the science to be applied.

In addition, the integrated and modulated system MCP , composed of panels, doors, visors, lights, protections, passes materials and profiles, will allow us to optimize construction and assembly time and, therefore, reduce the costs of execution of the work.

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Why Iguña

More than 30 years of experience in clean rooms and classified spaces

GMP compliance

Knowledge of and strict compliance with the GMP's guidelines.


Engineering development using 3D BIM Software (Builiding Information Modeling).

Integral service

Project execution, commissioning and after-sales services.

Keys on hand

Design, engineering, execution, commissioning, validation and maintenance.

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