Salas limpias y laboratorios para Semillas Fitó (Barcelona) - Iguña

New facilities of “Semillas Fitó” in Barcelona

Discover the renovation project of Semillas Fitó’s laboratories in Barcelona: 370 m² of classified areas, 3D modeling, sanitary architecture, HVAC systems, automation… to improve the efficiency and operational capacity of their facilities without interrupting their operations.

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Iguña premiada como empresa innovadora por PIMEC

Iguña awarded as an innovative company by PIMEC

Iguña has been awarded as Innovative Company in the second edition of the Reconeixements Empresarials de PIMEC Vallès Occidental, standing out for its leadership in the development of advanced pharmaceutical technologies. This recognition reinforces our commitment to innovation and excellence.

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Control Adaptativo para Salas Limpias

Adaptive Control for Clean Rooms

Adaptive Control for Cleanrooms: Optimize energy efficiency, reduce costs and ensure regulatory compliance in your classified space with our state-of-the-art technology. Discover the future of environmental control!

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Acuerdo de Colaboración Kirhtech-Netsteril para el desarrollo de equipos de para procesos asépticos

Kirhtech – Netsteril partnership agreement

Kirhtech and Netsteril join forces in a new partnership agreement. Expertise, experience and state-of-the-art technology for custom manufacturing of barrier systems (isolators, iodecontamination SAS and RABS) for aseptic pharmaceutical production.

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