New custom SAS machine for the pharmaceutical sector.

Kirhtech, a benchmark in clean room equipment, we just delivered a newmachine SAS developed to measure for a client of pharmaceutical sector.

It’s about a dynamic and autonomous material gating with two cameras , both equipped with a UVC decontamination system and with a flow and air pressure control Independent.

A Dynamic SAS ( Dynamic Safety Access System) is a secure access system between two rooms that guarantees that there is no contamination between the two by means of a timed interlock between the doors and an air circuit that adapts the interior of the sas to the conditions of the room, according to ISO regulations and GMP.

This SAS, designed and manufactured tomeasured in AISI 304 by Kirhtech , is an autonomous unit that ultrafilter the air Y no input needed from HVAC installation thanks to a HEPA H14 filtration system. Guaranteeing an air classification according to ISO 14644, during the controlled and safe opening process by means of an electromagnetic interlock between the doors.

This project is one more example of the professionalism of our engineering team with more than 20 years of experience in the clean room sector and with proven ability to design and manufacture auxiliary equipment and custom machinery: cabinets, laminar flows, isolators, SAS or filling machinery, among others.

Kirhtech is a brand of Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies, an international benchmark in clean room engineering and assembly (clean rooms).

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