HVAC installations

Classified facilities


We design and install air treatment systems in accordance with the GMP and UNE-EN ISO 14644 regulations, establishing, depending on the standard, environmental parameters on the amount of particles, temperature and humidity in the room.

To achieve the desired parameters, we will prepare the necessary calculations for the installation to fully design and size the HVAC system. Considering air treatment units, temperature and humidity regulation equipment, distribution network, filtration elements, etc.

To carry out the installation, Iguña will provide the customer with a specialized team. Directing the work and coordinating the follow-up of the works with the property.

In order to complete the installation and under the Kirhtech brand, Iguña has its own custom manufacturing of auxiliary equipment such as Laminar Flows, Cabins, Air Showers, Rab’s or Passing Materials.

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Why Iguña

More than 30 years of experience in clean rooms and classified spaces

GMP compliance

Knowledge of and strict compliance with the GMP's guidelines.


Engineering development using 3D BIM Software (Builiding Information Modeling).

Integral service

Project execution, commissioning and after-sales services.

Keys on hand

Design, engineering, execution, commissioning, validation and maintenance.

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