Electrical installation

Classified facilities


Iguña carries out the study and development of electrical installations in accordance with the European Low Voltage Directive (CE) and, for lighting, UNE-EN ISO 14644, carrying out the relevant lighting and consumption studies for sustainable and efficient energy use.

For the design and location of the electrical installations, we will evaluate the power demanded by the installation to develop, both the general and sub-control panels, as well as the energy distribution to all the elements of the room.

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Why Iguña

More than 30 years of experience in clean rooms and classified spaces

GMP compliance

Knowledge of and strict compliance with the GMP's guidelines.


Engineering development using 3D BIM Software (Builiding Information Modeling).

Integral service

Project execution, commissioning and after-sales services.

Keys on hand

Design, engineering, execution, commissioning, validation and maintenance.

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