Cleanroom experts

Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies

At Iguña, we are engineers and manufacturers specialized in clean rooms, dedicated to providing an integral and turnkey service that adapts to the specific needs of our clients in different sectors. With more than 20 years of experience, we combine innovation, quality and know-how to offer modular sanitary architecture solutions and containment and protection equipment.

Our focus is on understanding and solving our clients’ challenges, providing customized and efficient solutions. In addition, we are committed to respecting the environment and sustainability, ensuring that our products and services are environmentally friendly and resource-efficient.

Iguña has a strong international presence, with delegations and associations with international partners, which allows us to offer solutions worldwide.

such as honesty, responsibility towards the environment and people, and the ability to excel, are pillars of our company and guide us in our mission to provide high quality cleanroom solutions to our customers, always with a focus on excellence.

The recipe of our excellence

Value proposition

At Iguña, we strive to offer exceptional value to our customers through a comprehensive approach in the cleanroom field.

Our commitment to innovation, quality, sustainability, in-house manufacturing capacity, international presence and safety guarantees cutting-edge solutions and exceptional service in every project.

Discover how our value proposition can make a difference to your business:


New technologies at the service of excellence

At Iguña, we are pioneers in innovation and the implementation of new technologies and best practices in all phases of our cleanroom projects, from design to maintenance. 

The adoption of Industry 4.0 approaches and solutions allows us to be at the forefront and offer our customers a high quality and efficient service that stands out for:

Servicios Técnicos para salas limpias

Design and engineering

  • BIM (Building Information Modeling) for efficient planning.
  • Air flow simulation and CFD analysis.
  • Ergonomic space design and process optimization.
  • Application of eco-design principles.
  • Risk analysis and environmental impact assessment tools.

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  • Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and CMC tools.
  • 3D printing technologies for prototypes.
  • Use of advanced and antimicrobial materials.
  • Modular and prefabricated production for quick installation.
  • Quality control and traceability of materials.

Construcción Farmaceutica


  • Modular and fast construction systems.
  • Dust-free assembly techniques and minimal contamination.
  • Efficient integration of systems and components.
  • Quality control and traceability of finished products.
  • Training and certification of installation personnel.

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  • Advanced, high-efficiency HVAC systems.
  • Automatic temperature and humidity control.
  • State-of-the-art HEPA/ULPA filtration.
  • Design of laminar air flow and differential pressure systems.
  • Energy recovery and demand controlled ventilation systems.

Regulación y Control de salas limpias

Automation and Control

  • Real-time monitoring of critical parameters.
  • SCADA and PLC systems for centralized control.
  • Automation and access control.

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  • Predictive and condition-based maintenance.
  • Advanced cleaning and disinfection technologies.
  • Training and certification of maintenance personnel.
  • Remote diagnostic tools and technical assistance.
  • Continuous improvement programs and facility life cycle management.


Solvency and regulatory compliance

In Iguña we have a Quality Management System for the design, manufacture and installation of clean rooms, certified under the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard and in accordance with European standards.

This certification supports the quality assurance in all our internal processes, from the conception to the commissioning of the clean rooms.

In the development of projects, execution and validation of classified areas, Iguña ensures compliance with the most rigorous cleanroom regulations, including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration), adapting to the specific needs of each activity.

Incorporating Manufacturing 4.0 into our modular sanitary architecture systems and containment and protection equipment provides unmatched quality and efficiency.

ISO9001 - Iguña


An unavoidable commitment

At Iguña, we strive to be leaders in sustainability and environmental respect in clean rooms.

Our ISO 14001 accreditation and the Carbon Footprint Registry Seal from the Ministry for Ecological Transition demonstrate our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our activities.

In addition, we apply eco-design criteria in our projects to further minimize our impact on the environment.

We have developed a Sustainability Plan with the aim of reducing both the waste emitted and the environmental impact of our activities.

This plan includes recycling and selective waste collection policies, reduction of CO2, water and noise emissions, as well as the improvement of process efficiency and the proper disposal of hazardous waste in accredited landfills.


In-house manufacturing

Adding value at all project phases

In Iguña, we have more than 3,000m2 of production facilities to offer our customers an integral service of the highest quality, based on customized and efficient solutions. As a manufacturer we can not only optimize costs and customize production, we can also control the stock of raw materials and simplify logistics to reduce delivery times to a minimum.

Furthermore, by designing each element with an overall vision, we guarantee perfect integration between the modular architecture and the containment and protection equipment.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to offer tailor-made solutions, ensuring the best experience and results, while maintaining total control over quality and innovation. Discover our brands:

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Modular sanitary architecture

Under the MCP brand, we design and manufacture modular sanitary architecture systems for GMP environments: sandwich panels, doors, viewers, lights, profiles and other components for cleanroom installations.

Logotipo Kirhtech

Containment and protection equipment

Under the Kirhtech brand, we manufacture auxiliary and containment machinery for clean rooms: SAS, weighing cabinets, laminar flow cabinets, air showers, biosafety cabinets… both standard and customized.

International Presence

Service vocation on a global scale

In recent years, Iguña has been expanding internationally.

Today, thanks to our experience with different delegations and a strong network of global partners, we are able to offer cleanroom engineering solutions worldwide.

Presencia Internacional

Health and Safety

Working well and with all the guarantees

Iguña is committed to the safety and health of people in every aspect of our operations.

We implement Health and Safety plans in all our works, comply with legislation and carry out periodic audits. A strict policy that allows us to minimize personal risks and was awarded thePfizer Award in 2011.

In order to protect our human team, we provide advice in the following areas Occupational Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics and Applied Psychosociology.We offer periodic training in PRL (Prevention of Occupational Risks) and we provide medical medical coverage and medical check-ups to our employees.

Seguridad y Salud

Your trust, our best presentation

Reference customers

After more than 20 years as experts in classified spaces, Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies is proud to have worked for major brands in the pharmaceutical, food and electronics sectors, among many others, whether it be installing (Iguña), manufacturing modular sanitary architecture systems (Modular Clean Panel) or supplying containment and protection equipment for cleanrooms (Kirhtech).

Cleanroom innovation and quality

Representative projects

Discover some representative projects in the field of cleanrooms, which demonstrate our technical and operational capabilities, our comprehensive service, our adaptation to the specific needs of each client and sector, and the value provided in terms of innovation and quality.

Our values, our guide to follow

Corporate Principles


We value experience and flexibility in our work in order to adapt to our clients’ needs and provide them with efficient solutions.


Our technical and operational capacity allows us to offer quality services and remain at the forefront of our industry.


We believe in the importance of Stakeholders and the proximity and quality of human treatment as the basis of our business relationships.


Honesty and transparency are values that define us and allow us to build long-lasting and fruitful relationships.


In the face of challenges, our attitude of leadership, innovation and self-improvement allows us to find creative and effective solutions.


We value people, promote cooperation and diversity, and assume our responsibility for creating a sustainable and ethical environment.

At Iguña, we are governed by a set of corporate values and principles that are the basis of our philosophy and guide us in all our actions. The ethical commitment, the quality of human treatment, the team philosophy and the attitude towards difficulties are the cornerstone on which we have built this company.

These values are the foundation of our company and we are committed to continue promoting them in all our actions, because we believe they are key to achieving success in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Iguña pharmaceutical technologies

Our history

Our story is an example of vision, overcoming challenges and teamwork to achieve a single goal:
the full satisfaction of our customers with a 360º integral service in the field of clean rooms and classified spaces.

Foundation of Carpentry of Aluminum Iguña

Domingo Iguña Salvador founds Carpintería Aluminio Iguña, origin of the current Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies.

company - Company

Installation of the first clean room

With an entrepreneurial spirit, international vocation and vision of the future, Iguña installed its first clean room in Brazil at the end of the 1980s.

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Cleanroom Specialists

Ismael Iguña takes over the management of the company, changes its name, expands the technical team and specializes in the installation of clean rooms and classified spaces.

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Quality, innovation and production capacity

Iguña obtains ISO 9001 certification in design, installation and validation of clean rooms while continuing to expand its technical team and production facilities for the manufacture of modular sanitary architecture systems.

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Equipment engineering and manufacturing

In order to meet the increasingly demanding needs of its customers, Iguña starts the custom manufacturing of containment and protection equipment for clean rooms and process equipment.



With the opening of its delegation in Morocco, Iguña begins an ambitious internationalization project that will materialize in a few years with the development of a network of delegations and partners in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Algeria and Jordan.

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SAT and Qualification

Iguña continues its commitment to integral service and has created the SAT and qualification divisions to guarantee that its equipment and installations are always operative and in compliance with the strict legislation in force.


We launched our trademarks

With more than 10 years of experience in the manufacture of equipment and nearly 20 years of experience in the manufacture of modular sanitary architecture elements, Iguña launches on the market the brands Kirhtech y Modular Clean Panel to service engineering firms or companies that require these supplies outside the framework of an integral design and installation project of a clean room or classified space.

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Turnkey production plants

Completing the vision of offering a true 360º integral service, Iguña, together with Dopec and Orbital Pharma, founded Global Facilities Group, a group of companies capable of developing, turnkey, a production plant from the business idea to the start of production.

The Global Facilities Group service includes product development, process engineering, technical building project, construction, installation, equipment, validation, certification and commissioning.