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A comprehensive approach

At Iguña, we work continuously to integrate sustainable practices into all our operations. This article details our strategies, actions and commitments towards a greener, more efficient and prosperous future.

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Sustainability practices and strategies

Prácticas y estrategias de sostenibilidad

At Iguña, our sustainability policy is based on eco-design, energy efficiency, emissions reduction, circular economy and awareness.

We apply eco-design in all our products to minimize their environmental impact from the conceptual phase. We are committed to energy efficiency by developing intelligent systems that reduce the energy consumption of the cleanrooms we install. Customized modular manufacturing allows us to optimize the use of materials and reduce waste.

In addition, we promote sustainability awareness among employees and customers, integrating inclusion and diversity policies to foster an equitable work environment.

Actions to optimize resources

Optimización de recursos

We implement a comprehensive strategy to minimize the environmental impact of both our operations and our customers:

  • Dynamic Control System for Clean Rooms: We developed a technology that automatically adjusts the air conditioning system based on the detection of particles in real time, reducing energy consumption by more than 40%. By applying this system at multiple customer sites, we will achieve a significant reduction in overall consumption and emissions.
  • Custom Modular Manufacturing: Our custom modular manufacturing technology optimizes the use of materials, reduces waste and improves logistical efficiency, reducing production costs and the carbon footprint associated with transportation and installation.
  • Energy Efficient Containment and Protection Equipment: We manufacture equipment designed to meet high safety standards and optimized to operate in an energy efficient manner.
  • UV and Hydrogen Peroxide Biodecontamination Systems: We use highly effective systems without generating polluting residues.
  • Vehicle Fleet Electrification and Use of Sustainable Materials: The transition to electric vehicles and the incorporation of sustainable materials in our production processes reduce our carbon footprint.

Environmental commitment indicators

We rigorously focus on reducing our environmental impact through measurable and verifiable indicators:

  • Reducing Energy Consumption: We aim to reduce the energy consumption of our business by 10% by 2030, driven by our advanced dynamic cleanroom control system.
  • Recycling Maintenance: We are committed to maintaining 100% recycled waste, with 95% direct recycling and 5% of difficult-to-recycle waste treated and sorted by specialized companies.
  • CO2 Emissions Reduction: With the registration of our carbon footprint, we intensified our efforts to reduce our emissions by electrifying our fleet and then offsetting the remaining emissions.

Digital tools for sustainability

Herramientas digitales para la sostenibilidad

At Iguña, we use digital tools and e-business to optimize efficiencies and reduce our environmental impact, actively supporting the Sustainable Development Goals:

  • SCADA and IoT systems: These technologies allow us to monitor operations in real time, improving precision in the control of industrial processes and optimizing energy consumption.
  • Integrated Supply Chain Management Platforms: We implement e-business solutions to coordinate logistics, improving inventory management and reducing unnecessary travel.
  • Process Digitalization: We have digitalized numerous processes, increasing operational efficiency and reducing the demand for paper.
  • Advanced Analytics: Data management helps us improve energy and operational efficiency, enabling more proactive management of operational and environmental challenges.

Certifications and commitment to the SDGs

Compromiso con los ODS

Iguña has several certifications that endorse our commitment to sustainability:

  • ISO 14001: Environmental management certification, which ensures that our practices are aligned with international standards to minimize our environmental impact.
  • ISO 9001: Quality management certification, which guarantees that our products and services comply with established quality requirements and that we continuously seek to improve our processes.
  • ISO 45001: Certification in occupational health and safety management, which demonstrates our commitment to the safety of our employees.
  • Ministry’s carbon footprint registry and CO2 absorption projects: These certifications reflect our efforts to measure, reduce and offset our carbon footprint.

Our sustainable engagement policy fully integrates the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda into our business strategies and operations. This approach manifests itself in various forms:

  • Integration of the SDGs into the Business Strategy: All our business decisions are designed to foster a more sustainable future, using the SDGs as a global framework.
  • Sustainable Product and Service Development: We focus on innovative solutions that improve energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact, such as our modular construction and dynamic control systems for cleanrooms.
  • Transparency and Accountability: We conduct periodic audits to quantify our progress towards the SDGs, especially in governance and sustainability.
  • Sustainable Innovation: We continually invest in research and development to create or incorporate technologies and processes that reduce our environmental footprint.
  • Collaboration and Alliances: We actively cooperate with a variety of stakeholders, including suppliers, partners and customers, to advance our sustainability objectives.

This commitment not only ensures that we meet current sustainability standards, but also enables us to make a significant contribution to promoting a more sustainable future through our innovations and business practices.

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