Air Treatment Units (AHU)

The Air Treatment Units ( AHU ) are a key piece in any HVAC installation, in addition to managing the air treatment of the installation, they must comply with the applicable regulations, be robust, reliable, efficient and ecological.

In a clean room or classified space, they provide the supply, return, extraction and TAE air flow in sufficient quantity to guarantee the optimal and essential conditions for particle filtration , pressure, temperature and relative humidity.

As part of our comprehensive clean room design and installation process, at Iguña Pharma we calculate the appropriate pressure gradients for the different rooms, we size and optimize the HVAC installations, we implement control systems, we take care of the validation and we carry out the training of the personal.

All this, always adapting to the needs of each project, optimizing costs as far as possible and scrupulously complying with the agreed deadlines.

Iguña Pharma we are specialists in the integral development of clean rooms with more than 20 years of experience. Contact us without obligation and we will explain all the details!