Advantages of the MCP modular system for the assembly of clean rooms

1. Comprehensive system:
It includes everything necessary for the installation of any clean room or GMP space (panels, profiles, doors, viewers, lights, protections, clothing items, handrails…).

2. Modular system:
Its pieces fit perfectly into a system that grows and adapts to all your needs.

3. Homogeneous:
Get a totally harmonious finish in which all the pieces complement each other perfectly.

4. Sole provider:
Simplify your management by optimizing resources and concentrating responsibilities in a single trusted provider.

5. Own manufacturing:
Own engineering and factory warranty and advice.
Guaranteed stock: as manufacturers, we fully control the supply chain and have reserves of raw materials and finished products.

6. Minimum delivery times:
Thanks to stock control and automated production, we can serve our references in record time.

7. Custom manufacturing:
Forget about cuts on site and achieve a better finish by reducing assembly times, waste and waste during installation.

Download our catalog at Modular Clean Panel and contact us to learn about all the advantages of our system and how we can help you in your projects.

Integral system of sanitary architecture for clean rooms