5 Advantages of custom panels

As manufacturers, Modular Clean Panel can supply you with wall and ceiling panels in steel and HPL for Clean Rooms and GMP environments, custom-made for a clean, fast and completely safe installation.

1. Pieces that fit perfectly
By manufacturing the panels to measure, we guarantee that all the pieces of the clean room fit together without difficulty, adapting to the needs of any project.

2. Cores and Exterior Faces on request
We manufacture panels with the characteristics required by each project: XPS, rock wool, Honeycomb, lacquered steel, PET, AISI 3014 or 316, reinforced frames, etc.

3. No cuts on site
By manufacturing to measure, we drastically reduce the need for cuts on site, which results in a more precise, clean and safe installation.

4. Reduced installation time
Custom panels are easily and quickly assembled.
In this way, labor costs and installation times are reduced.

5. Reduction of shrinkage and waste
By assembling custom-made panels, there are practically no losses or waste that must be managed on site.

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Advantages of custom panels