Especialistas En Salas Blancas

Specialists in Clean Rooms

We are specialists in the comprehensive management of Clean Rooms and Classified Areas

Integral service

We offer all kinds of Engineering services and Technical services for Clean Rooms


Sanitary architecture projects, classified facilities, HVAC, regulation and control, electricity and critical fluids.


We design and execute the pharmaceutical construction of clean rooms complying with the strictest requirements.

Validación de Salas Blancas


We offer pre-validation, qualification and validation services of the standards of the GMP, ISO-EN 14644 and FDA regulations.

Clean Rooms Maintenance


We carry out preventive and corrective maintenance, to extend the useful life of the clean rooms and their compliance with the regulations.

Iguña PHARMA: proximidad, calidad y experiencia

Knowing where we come from does not show where we want to go.
Our goal? To be international benchmarks in the design, assembly and maintenance of Clean Rooms.

Vision and values, since 1977

In 1977, from the initiative of Domingo Iguña Salvador, Carpintería Aluminio Iguña was born, a company with business vision that It was reorienting its activity at the same time that the market began to demand Clean Rooms.

Over the years, this commitment to clean rooms has been consolidated, and has served as a stimulus for an ambitious internationalization program, for the creation of new engineering, sanitary architecture, construction and validation services and for the creation of two own brands: MCP (modular panel systems) and Kirhtech (protection and containment equipment for clean rooms or classified spaces).

Some of our values are experience, ability, proximity, innovation and responsibility.

Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies Offices
Iguña International Map

International vocation

The international vocation is part of Iguña’s DNA.

With headquarters and our own factory in Terrassa (Barcelona), we have delegations in Morocco, Colombia, Algeria, Mexico and Jordan, from which we provide service to a multitude of countries. 

For all sectors

We apply our extensive background with the integral development of clean rooms and classified areas to a multitude of sectors:

Pharmaceutical industry
Hospitals and clinics
Medical equipament
Chemical industry
Plastics manufacturing
Aerospace sector

Our brands

We are manufacturers of modular systems and top quality equipment for Clean Rooms and Classified Areas


We design and manufacture auxiliary equipment for protection, containment and process , such as Cabins, Laminar Flows, Insulators, SAS and Filling Machinery.

We have a wide range of references in accordance with GMP and ISO standards and an internal R&D team capable of developing all kinds of customized solutions.

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Modular Clean Panel

We design and manufacture modular sanitary architecture for GMP environments.

Modular MCP systems feature a completely
homogeneous and integrated sandwich panels, doors, visors, lights, profiles and trimmings for clean rooms.

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The latest from Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies

New custom SAS machine for the pharmaceutical sector.

Kirhtech, a benchmark in clean room equipment, we just delivered a newmachine SAS developed to measure for a client of pharmaceutical sector. It’s about a dynamic and autonomous material gating with two cameras , both equipped with a UVC decontamination system and with a flow and air pressure control Independent.