In july we have been carrying out tests of VH2O2 decontamination cycles with our collaborator Netsteril, S.L. for a major multinational client in the pharmaceutical sector. These tests have been carried out with a SAS prototype of VH2O2 that simulates the conditions of the final equipment and our objective is to know the values and time of the biodecontamination cycle of the different types of product when entering the clean room.

At Iguña Pharma we are expert engineers in clean rooms, and we accompany our clients from initial need to solution.
We develop and execute comprehensive projects from the beginning to final: from basic design, detailed engineering, in-house manufacturing of machinery and sanitary architecture, project execution and facilities of all kinds, commissioning, to certified validation and maintenance of facilities.

We adapt to the needs of each client, strictly complying with GMP, ISO and FDA regulations. We work for the pharmaceutical, chemical, biosanitary, hospital, cosmetic, optical, microelectronic, and aerospace industries.

Proximity, flexibility, quality, innovation, rigor, and customer satisfaction are our reason for being.

In 2003 Ismael Iguña, current CEO of the company, founded Iguña Pharmaceutical Technologies. We are in Terrassa, one of the main pharmaceutical and biotechnological industrial centers of Catalonia, Spain. We are strongly consolidated in the Spanish market and we have 2 branches in Morocco and Colombia.

In 2019 Iguña Pharma, to offer the highest quality and continuing with its desire for continuous improvement, creates Kirhtech and MCP, two own brands that manufacture and distribute product for the construction of clean rooms. The objective is to take a step towards excellence with a global service and offer all the know-how of the company from the beginning of the project to its execution.

Kirhtech manufactures and distributes a wide range of technological auxiliary equipment for protection, containment and processing. They are cabins, laminar flows, insulators, SAS and filling machinery.

MCP designs and manufactures comprehensive modular sanitary architecture systems. They are sanitary architecture systems composed of panels, doors, visors, profiles, protections and integrated materials passes.